Loading & Unloading

We can supply you with a team of men/women for all of your Loading / Unloading requests. Your requirements are also carried out, e.g. double legging or if you require vaccinating during the loading /unloading process. All of our teams are trained in the handling of poultry. We also offer free advice to new customers on the most stress free way to move birds.

We have a commitment within the poultry industry and with individual companies to address poultry welfare

Importance of Humane Handling and Transportation of Poultry

Animal welfare has become a high profile issue for every segment of the farmed animal industry. All stakeholders, including consumers and the general public, are asking more questions and closely examining industry practices. Livestock and poultry transport is one of the most critical and visible components of the farmed animal production system and stakeholders want assurances that transport is done with animal welfare in mind.